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Shane Snow

I'm a journalist.

Shane Snow is a journalist in New York City and CCO of Contently. MS/Journalism, Columbia; Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts. Contact for speaking inquiries at

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Ap hoverboard 1 f 16x9 932x524 article

Dreaming of Hoverboards

Aerospace-inspired OneWheel electric skateboard doesn't float, but it feels like it.

Open uri20130305 3821 vnms5y article

How Real Navy SEALs Would Handle Famous Movie Missions

Navy SEALs are having the best year and a half ever. We've been inundated with tell-all books, documentaries, and big-budget action movies (the upcoming Zero Dark Thirty) about the special-ops frogmen... and then there's that whole Team-Six-killing-Osama thing. We're beginning to think there's no task too big for these badasses.

Open uri20131105 1974 hkipnn article

Orson Scott Card Talks Ender's Game in Rare Interview

The sci-fi writer opens up about Ender's Game and more.

Electronica ft1 article

The Music at Your Next Rave Could Be Produced in the Cloud ...

The Music at Your Next Rave Could Be Produced in th...

Open uri20130527 16122 126rlug article

The Oatmeal's Reckoning

Feature profile of Matthew Inman, the infamous artist behind

Pl zombie brains f original20121008 10454 6l3o1p article

Mmm, Braaaains! Undead Actors Chomp on Sorbitol

In a zombie apocalypse -- as everyone knows -- the undead eat brains (or other body parts, depending on which mythology you subscribe to). On a film set, however, zombies basically eat Jell-O. Recipes vary, of course, but in Resident Evil: Retribution, out Friday, the walking dead chew on a version fortified with glycerin and sorbitol, compounds often used to make soft-gel pills. Find out how to make it here.

Wiredworld article

Hi-Fi Media

With the rise of trackable user behavior, web content quality is improving.

53475 hollywood s exploding cars take art science and mortars article

Hollywood's Exploding Cars Take Art, Science — and Mortars

In Hollywood movies, the smallest fender bender can trigger an inferno. But in the reality-based world, a car doesn't usually explode—...


It's Not Mega-Yacht Time Yet: How Paper Billionaires Become the ...

Sure Facebook stock has taken a beating in its first few weeks on the public markets (down almost 30%), but those who bought in cheap before the IPO, like Mark Zuckerberg, have seen their net worth soar. However, until all those newly minted millionaires have sold their stake and the cash clears, they’re only millionaires on paper. Here's how they become the real thing.

95072 school of hard knocks where stunt performers learn how to not die article

School of Hard Knocks: Where Stunt Performers Learn How to Not Die

Also in this issueThe Man Who Makes the FutureHow to Spot the FutureThe Rise of the Robot ReporterStunt performers aren't born to be blown u...

Dogsofwar article

The Dogs of War: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

It's hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple. Billions upon billions of dollars. Entire industries a


Inside Foursquare, Part II

The second half of my Foursquare feature story.


Inside Foursquare: Checking In Before the Party Started

After following around Dennis, Naveen, and the Foursquare crew for 6 months, I wrote this feature story for Wired. They went from 30,000 users to 1,000,000 in the time I shadowed them.