Shane Snow

Shane Snow

I'm a journalist.

Shane Snow is a journalist in New York City and CCO of Contently. MS/Journalism, Columbia; Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts. Contact for speaking inquiries at

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Open uri20140402 24893 m3i2v9 article

A Quest to Understand What Makes Things Funny : The New Yorker

A Quest to Understand What Makes Things Funny

140812122223 ariel garten horizontal gallery article

Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man's Attempt ...

The electrodes needed to be adjusted to fit my sweaty head, which was apparently the largest size the device could accommodate...

13 pizza hut gluten free pepperoni.w529.h529.2x article

Data Shows: New Yorkers In A Blizzard Are Gluttons

A quick piece for NYMag about our greasy eating habits, and snowstorms.

Ap hoverboard 1 f 16x9 932x524 article

Dreaming of Hoverboards

Aerospace-inspired OneWheel electric skateboard doesn't float, but it feels like it.

3035463 inline mattmullenwegblack article

How Matt's Machine Works ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community

With a new version out and millions hooked, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg's unconventional model can make or break the Web.

Open uri20130305 3821 vnms5y article

How Real Navy SEALs Would Handle Famous Movie Missions

Navy SEALs are having the best year and a half ever. We've been inundated with tell-all books, documentaries, and big-budget action movies (the upcoming Zero Dark Thirty) about the special-ops frogmen... and then there's that whole Team-Six-killing-Osama thing. We're beginning to think there's no task too big for these badasses.

Open uri20140213 27060 167qkp0 article

How Stars Like Jay Z And Martha Stewart End Up With Samsung

How Stars Like Jay Z And Martha Stewart End Up With Samsung Phones

Ferret article

New York's Most Misunderstood Mammal | Observer

How bad science and bureaucracy bred NYC’s strange relationship with ferrets.

Open uri20131105 1974 hkipnn article

Orson Scott Card Talks Ender's Game in Rare Interview

The sci-fi writer opens up about Ender's Game and more.

Open uri20140315 2712 htzuak article

Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks

A first-person science experiment with author Tim Ferriss and a supply of tasteless, white goo called Soylent.

David hh article

The Art of Strategic Laziness | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

The team was in third place by the time David Heinemeier Hansson leapt into the cockpit of the black-and-pink Le Mans Prototype 2...

3051909 poster p the biggest threat to a growing companys cultur article

The Biggest Threat To A Growing Company's Culture

Is not what you think...

The Innovator's Question: What Would Fosbury Do? - HBR

The Innovator's Question: What Would Fosbury Do? - ...

Electronica ft1 article

The Music at Your Next Rave Could Be Produced in the Cloud ...

The Music at Your Next Rave Could Be Produced in th...

Open uri20130527 16122 126rlug article

The Oatmeal's Reckoning

Feature profile of Matthew Inman, the infamous artist behind